Govern Green: Driving Your Organization’s Commitment to Sustainability (Print)

By: Mr. Peter Soyka
Format: Book (Print)
Publication Date: 2011
Number of Pages: 96

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Table of Contents and Introduction

Level 301

Should the environment be on your board’s agenda? Yes, regardless of your organization’s mission! But “governing green” is more than simply the right thing to do. Rethinking fundamental practices that affect the environment, directly or indirectly, can improve your organization’s operational efficiency, reduce costs, raise morale, and enhance your organization’s image.

Govern Green provides a step-by-step approach to create an organizational culture that supports a deep commitment to sustainability. We also suggest appropriate entry points for board involvement, explain how to formulate a vision and strategy, develop a sustainability policy, review investments, and provide oversight.

Govern Green is the only book we know of that offers guidance to nonprofit boards and chief executives in how to develop an environmentally responsible approach to governance and management. We recommend it to ALL nonprofits.