Recorded Webinar: It Happens: How to Help Your Organization Succeed with High Turnover in Fund Development Leadership

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We've all been there. Your organization needs a new director of development...again.

So you post a job description with everything you want this person to do, conduct an extensive search, and hire the "right" candidate. But little more than a year later, you are back at the drawing board as your "new" director of development has just resigned. Or even worse, you have just let that person go. To compound the issue, this is the third (or fourth or fifth) development leader your organization has cycled through in as many years. Something has to be done! Board members, donors, and staff are concerned. The question they all want answered is: "How can we succeed as an organization when there is high turnover in our development ship?"
It can be really difficult for an organization to be successful if the development leadership baton gets passed every 12-18 months or dropped completely as the role is vacant for long periods of time. But it is not impossible!
During this webinar, Kishshana Palmer, CFRE, founder of Kishshana & Co and vice president of external affairs at FoodCorps, will discuss the following:
  • What are some of the symptoms your organization may be mistaking for the root cause of why your development leadership turns over so frequently?
  • Why it is almost impossible to get everything you want into that one critical hire
  • How to set realistic expectations for a great hire before you open a search
  • What must be in place to set a development leader up for success
  • How the board can help support the organization and CEO/ED through these gaps in development leadership