Diversity In Action Assessment

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If you’re like most board leaders, you understand the need to increase board diversity and adopt more inclusive practices. It’s the “how to do it” that has so many boards stuck. A diversity and inclusion assessment can

  • serve as the starting point for your board to develop an action plan to strengthen its practices in this area or jumpstart a stalled plan
  • help your board determine if it’s on the right path to becoming diverse and inclusive
  • provide you with the opportunity to educate your board members about the practices and policies that will move you forward in this area

Many types of diversity bring value to the boardroom. The Board Diversity in Action assessment tool focuses on age (multi-generational), gender, race/ethnicity, and socio-economics. It covers five areas to determine what phase of development your board is in relative to diversity and inclusion:

  • Overview of diversity and inclusion
  • Perception and value of diversity
  • Policies and practices
  • Recruitment practices
  • Board culture and dynamics

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