Development Committee (Print)

By: Dr. Eugene R. Tempel
Format: Book (Print)
Publication Date: 2004
Number of Pages: 48

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Table of Contents and Introduction

Level 201

Does the phrase "The development committee will take care of it" sound familiar? In this book, we remind board members and chief executives that fundraising is a full board responsibility. The material we present here teaches a development committee how to act as the motivator for disengaged board members who are reluctant to make the ask in fundraising.

Development Committee defines the roles and responsibilities of a development committee and suggests ways board and staff can work together. We teach board members how to take a more hands-on approach as they participate in fundraising for the organization. Discover how to use different people in a variety of ways in order to build relationships with donors and members of the community.

We also

  • introduce different development committee structures, including the idea of an organizational development committee
  • communicate the important relationship between committee members and development staff
  • involve committee members in training both board and staff members in fundraising methods and solicitation
  • present a range of effective strategies for making the "ask"
  • include material on developing a fundraising plan and a case for support
  • discuss ethics and accountability in fundraising

Learn the importance of using board member stewardship to lead fundraising efforts.