Board Fundamentals: Understanding Roles in Nonprofit Governance, Second Edition (Print)

By: Dr. Berit Lakey
Format: Book (Print)
Publication Date: 2010
Number of Pages: 83

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Table of Contents and Introduction

Level 101

What is governance? What is the role of the board? What is expected of board members? And how does an effective board operate? Board Fundamentals answers these questions and more for

  • new board members in need of an introduction to the principles of nonprofit governance
  • experienced board members in need of a refresher and new ideas
  • chief executives — as well as senior staff who interact with the board — who want to better understand their and the board's roles and responsibilities

…and it’s a great vehicle for opening a conversation between the board and the chief executive about their respective roles in organizational governance.

Within its pages, you will find a description of the nonprofit sector, a discussion of the concept of governance (something that seems murky to many people new to governance), an in-depth look at the key governance roles and responsibilities of the board and the individuals involved in organizational governance, and suggestions on how the board can most effectively carry out its responsibilities.

At the end of each chapter, there is a set of questions designed to engage your board in an exploration of its practices and how they can be improved.