Navigating the Organizational Lifecycle: A Capacity-Building Guide for Nonprofit Leaders (PDF)

By: Ms. Caroline W. Hodkinson
Format: PDF
Publication Date: 2006
Number of Pages: 101

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Table of Contents and Introduction

Level 301

Every organization experiences lifecycle passages and changes. Do you know what stage of development your organization is currently experiencing? Nonprofit leaders who are aware of their organization’s development stage are positioned to be more strategic about planning for its future. In Navigating the Organizational Lifecycle, you’ll learn how to assess your nonprofit’s stage of development in order to align capacities, manage organizational transitions, and anticipate future challenges. You’ll also discover strategies for making the case to funders for capacity-building support.

Navigating the Organizational Lifecycle will help you

  • determine if your organization’s capacities are properly aligned with its current stage of development
  • identify weaknesses and situations that create change, growth, challenges, and opportunities
  • understand how board composition and responsibilities should change as your organization evolves

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