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Benefit from the experiences and expertise of a BoardSource governance consultant, who will analyze your BSA results, identify actions your board might take to strengthen its practices and performance, discuss his or her recommended next steps with several of your board leaders in a 45-minute conference call, and develop a PowerPoint presentation you can use to present your assessment information to your full board.

CONNECT puts you at an advantage because it enables your board leaders to present your BSA results to the full board in tandem with recommended next steps. BoardSource consultants who provide CONNECT service have years of nonprofit governance experience and in-depth knowledge of best practices.

The 45-minute conference call between a BoardSource consultant and 2 to 3 of your board leaders will enable the consultant to learn about factors that may be impacting your board’s performance, fine tune his or her recommendations based on what is learned, and prepare your board leaders for discussing your assessment results and recommended actions with the full board.

To support that discussion, CONNECT also includes 18-22 PowerPoint slides featuring highlights from your assessment results, comparison scores benchmarking your assessment scores against other nonprofit boards that have used our BSA tool, and 3 to 5 customized recommendations from the BoardSource governance expert your board leaders spoke to. This tool is designed to assist you in discussing your board’s performance and drafting a board development plan.

CONNECT is a powerful tool for boards that are

  • laying the groundwork for strategic planning
  • considering a change in structure and/or size
  • developing a stronger fundraising culture
  • embarking on a leadership transition
  • committed to increasing their effectiveness through board development


Here’s how it works:

  1. After completing a BSA* and purchasing CONNECT, a BoardSource governance consultant will review your aggregate survey data and draft a PowerPoint slide deck with actions your board might consider taking to strengthen its performance.
  2. The consultant will deliver the draft slide deck to the project lead at your organization and schedule a 45-minute teleconference with 2 to 3 leaders from your organization. During the call, the consultant will guide you through a review of your assessment results, highlighting where your board performance is strong, where it can be improved, and how it stacks up against what he or she sees in the field. You can rely on your consultant to tell you how and what you can do to become a stronger board.
  3. After the coaching call, you will receive the finalized PowerPoint slide deck that you can use to facilitate a discussion with your full board about your survey results and recommended next steps. Together, these will provide you with the information and tools you need to discuss and craft a board development plan.

*Note: BoardSource cannot prepare a CONNECT unless you have completed and closed a BSA within the past 120 days. This is to ensure that the data and our recommendations are current. There is an additional fee for benchmarking against previous BSA results.