Strategic Planning Understanding the Process: A BoardSource Toolkit (PDF)

Format: PDF
Publication Date: 2011
Number of Pages: 66

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Table of Contents and Introduction

Level 201

Should your board be more strategic about strategic planning? Does it fall into one of these camps?

  • Plans for the near term, essentially reacting to current conditions
  • Writes a strategic plan and then puts it on the shelf, never enacting its provisions

BoardSource suggests a third, and better camp: the proactive, mid-to-long-range strategic planning camp. Strategic Planning: Understanding the Process will help you find your way there…and find your way back to the plan so that you actually enact it for your organization.

The 21 tools in this downloadable PDF will guide you through the strategic planning process and help you define the right approach to planning for your organization.

  • Get your board and organization ready to engage in the strategic planning process.
  • Optimize your resources and personnel.
  • Walk step-by-step through the strategic planning process.
  • Maintain and nurture your plan.

You'll find proven advice and practical tips and techniques culled from BoardSource's vast library of governance materials — materials that have shown hundreds of thousands of nonprofit board members and other leaders how to develop sound practices.