Wrestling with Board Dilemmas: Case Studies for Nonprofit Leaders (PDF)

Format: PDF
Publication Date: 2011
Number of Pages: 234

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Table of Contents and Introduction

Level 101

Everyone loves a good story! We all like to read about how other nonprofit boards are governing and how they are meeting their challenges — or not meeting them. And who doesn’t read about a scandal and say, “At least we didn’t make THAT mistake.”

The 45 case studies in Wrestling with Board Dilemmas offer glimpses of real-life situations that nonprofit boards face. Culled from the best of Board Member magazine, each case has three suggested solutions written by chief executives, board members, and consultants. That’s like having 135 nonprofit leaders help you solve the thorniest boardroom dilemmas.

Cases address a wide variety of board-related issues including the following:

  • How should a board deal with a scandal or crisis?
  • What should a board do when the chief executive leaves unexpectedly?
  • How can a board develop a more effective culture?
  • What should the board do when a donor’s gift will make the organization deviate from mission?
  • How can a board avoid missteps when choosing the next board chair?
  • What should a chief executive do when the board won’t fundraise?
  • How should the board handle a founder who can’t take the organization to the next level?
  • What should the board do when a member has a conflict of interest?
  • What should a chief executive do when a board micromanages?

Each case study is followed by a worksheet to encourage readers to come up with their own solutions. After filling in your answers, you can turn to the back of the book to compare them with responses written by other nonprofit leaders.The cases can also be used to get your board meetings off to a lively start by having everyone discuss the issues and then debate solutions.

Board members, chief executives, and consultants will find the cases educational and stimulating. In fact, you just might recognize your own board in many of the case studies!