Fundraising Fitness: A BoardSource Toolkit (PDF)

Format: PDF
Publication Date: 2010
Number of Pages: 84

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Table of Contents and Introduction

Level 101

The board's fundraising role has never been more critical. In many cases, it will determine if an organization flourishes in the changing economy or is forced to close its doors.

Fundraising Fitness: A BoardSource Toolkit gives board members the practical tips and proven advice they need to get more involved in the type of fundraising efforts that will strengthen an organization's financial condition.

The downloadable PDF contains 29 tools covering

  • the basics of fundraising and the role of the board
  • the importance of having good fundraising policies
  • how to prepare board members to raise funds and keep reluctant board members involved
  • how to raise funds, even in turbulent economic times
  • methods for evaluating fundraising efforts and for identifying areas for improvement

The toolkit is based on resources in BoardSource's vast library of governance, material that has shown hundreds of thousands of nonprofit board members and other leaders how to develop sound governance practices.