Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards: The Companion Workbook (Print)

Format: Book (Print)
Publication Date: 2011
Number of Pages: 63

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Table of Contents and Introduction

Level 101

BoardSource’s most popular and enduring publication —Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards— now has a companion workbook!

Why is “Ten Basics,” as we at BoardSource fondly call it, so popular? Because it states clearly and succinctly WHAT every nonprofit board needs to do to govern its organization effectively. By diligently enacting these ten responsibilities, a board performs the fiduciary and oversight tasks that its organization entrusts them with.

But HOW does a board go about this fundamental work?

That’s where The Companion Workbook comes in!

It offers questions, tips, and activities to bring the 10 responsibilities to life. Think of it as a partner publication: Read Ten Basics, then tackle the Workbook, keeping Ten Basics on hand for reference as you work through the exercises.

There’s no one right way to use the Workbook. If it works best for you to tear out a sheet and pass it around your boardroom table, go for it. If you prefer to sit quietly and absorb it, great. And, if you’re motivated to suggest your fellow board members all buy their own copies, we certainly won’t object!

Read it, write in it, share it, debate the questions, discuss the case studies, dive into the exercises, rinse and repeat! We hope that when you do, you’ll find the Workbook an educational and fun tool for raising your board’s awareness and, ultimately, its practice of good governance.