Meeting, and Exceeding Expectations: A Guide to Successful Nonprofit Board Meetings, Second Edition (Print)

By: Ms. Outi Flynn
Format: Book (Print)
Publication Date: 2009
Number of Pages: 139

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Table of Contents and Introduction

Level 101

Are your board meetings inspiring, productive, and efficient? Or are they tedious, unproductive, and dominated by one or two people? Do they leave your board members wondering why they volunteered in the first place? In Meeting, and Exceeding Expectations, you’ll find ready-to-use information that will help you turn things around. This must-have resource poses critical questions, provides easy-to-implement answers, suggests tools, clarifies legal and ethical expectations, and, yes, even shows you how to insert some fun into your meetings.

You will find

  • solutions to common board problems, such as poor chair performance, absentee board members, and conflicts of interest
  • tips to help you solve typical board dilemmas and promote generative discussions
  • suggestions to help your board members become more innovative and seek new solutions to old problems

The appendices feature a sample meeting agenda, board book, minutes template, committee report, ballot, resolution, proxy, retreat evaluation, and outline for an orientation, as well as a glossary of common terms. The book is designed for chief executives, board members, senior staff, and any other participants involved in board meetings.