Generate Buzz! Strategic Communication for Nonprofit Boards, Second Edition (Print)

By: Ms. Sally J. Patterson
Format: Book (Print)
Publication Date: 2011
Number of Pages: 85

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Table of Contents and Introduction

Level 201

Is your organization generating as much excitement or interest as it should? Do you want other people to care as much about your mission as you do?

Even if your organization has a good e-newsletter and Web site and occasionally gets some positive media coverage, it may be lacking “buzz.” And a lack of buzz can mean your organization has to struggle for the visibility, recognition, money, and volunteer support it needs to succeed.

Board members often sense that communication strategies need to improve within their organizations but aren’t certain what they can or should do about it. The answer is to get more strategic in your approach to communication, to assess your organization’s methods for getting its messages heard and for stimulating its stakeholders to take action.

Generate Buzz! follows two real nonprofits as they work to build communication plans that will allow them to meet the goals set out in their strategic plans and address current and future needs. Within its pages, you will learn how to

  • develop step-by-step a strategic communication plan
  • engage board members in communication and outreach as ambassadors and advocates
  • position your organization through framing and branding
  • plan for crisis communication
  • monitor the effectiveness of your communication

This new edition also addresses the role of social media in strategic communication.